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How To Find a Rehab for Xanax

Addiction and substance abuse are unfortunately on the rise. The trouble is that finding help for your specific addiction is not always easy. Getting your loved one the right kind of help for someone suffering from addiction can be the difference between getting and staying sober and continuing to relapse and struggle with addiction. Each and every person and addiction is different, so understanding the addiction and the type of help available will make getting sober that much easier. 

At Revive Interventions we know how much of a struggle dealing with any type of addiction can be and we want to give our clients every possible chance at recovery. In this post, we will explain the drug Xanax, why it is addictive, the signs of Xanax addiction, and how to find a rehab for Xanax addiction. 

What Is Xanax? 

Xanax is in a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines (benzos). Benzos, by and large, are sedatives used to treat things like anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and depression. Xanax is one of the most widely prescribed benzos in the country and is used by many people every day. 

Xanax is a widely used drug that is highly regulated within the United States. It works by acting on the central nervous system and by enhancing certain neurotransmitters in the brain to relieve the symptoms that occur with certain mood disorders. 

Xanax is typically taken in a variety of pill forms, from a standard dosage to an extended-release pill form that slowly enters the body over time. 

Why Is Xanax Addictive? 

Like most drugs, Xanax is a heavily prescribed medication that works by acting on the brain and the central nervous system. Even when taking the drug as prescribed, it can become addictive over time. 

Not only is xanax addictive because of the way that it reacts inside the body, but it also builds in the system very quickly, requiring higher and higher dosages in order to achieve the same results. This requires users to constantly have to up their prescription. This leads to higher rates of addiction. 

Once a person becomes dependent on the drug, they move past their prescription and have to find more of the drug in order to get enough of the effects to deal with daily life or to prevent detox symptoms. 

Signs of Xanax Addiction 

Knowing what the signs of Xanax addiction are is the first step to getting someone the help they need to get clean and sober. It’s important to know that each individual suffering from addiction will show signs differently, but there are certain common signs and symptoms that everyone should pay attention to if they are worried about a loved one being addicted. 

Signs can include: 

  • Increased energy and inability to focus
  • Restlessness and insomnia 
  • Distancing oneself from social obligations and daily responsibilities
  • Engaging in risky behavior to obtain Xanax.

These signs are in addition to the typical signs of someone who is prescribed Xanax or any other type of sedative. 

How To Find a Rehab for Xanax Addiction 

The first step to finding a rehab for Xanax addiction is helping your loved one understand that they are addicted and getting them to agree to get help. Oftentimes the best way to do this is by staging an intervention. However, staging an intervention without professional help can be a tremendously stressful experience for everyone involved. 

That’s why Revive Interventions is here to help families get their loved ones the help they need with professional intervention counseling and guidance. Once the intervention is complete, we help clients find the right solutions for each individual situation, including rehab for Xanax addiction. 

We provide support to families while their loved one enters a treatment facility and help to provide the answers and services needed for a successful transition back to a drug-free life. If you have a loved one battling Xanax addiction and need help finding rehab for Xanax addiction, contact Revive Interventions today! 

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