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How to Plan a Drug Addiction Intervention

Is your friend or family member addicted to drugs? Do you want to help them break free from the vicious cycle of addiction? If you answered yes to all the questions above, a drug addiction intervention may be extremely helpful in helping your loved one pursue addiction recovery.

Watching a loved one suffer the effects of substance abuse is both painful and frustrating. It is painful because it is sad to watch someone you love lose themselves to addiction. Frustrating because you can’t do anything to make them stop unless they choose to on their own. 

The decision to quit using drugs or alcohol must come from the addict, but you can help them reach the point of wanting to get sober. The most efficient way to do this is by staging an intervention

What Is a Drug Addiction Intervention?

The chances are high that you’ve come across the phrase “stage an intervention” in your search for getting your loved one help. But what exactly is a drug addiction intervention, and how effective is it? 

A drug addiction intervention is a carefully planned conversation that is structured with the help of an intervention specialist. 

An intervention provides a neutral space for the loved ones of an addict to express how the addict’s choices affect them. Many addicts are unaware of what their choices do to them and their loved ones. It’s difficult for them to see how fast they are spiraling out of control.

The hope is that when addicts see how much their actions hurt their friends and family, they will decide to get sober.

A successful drug addiction intervention ends in the addict deciding to quit using drugs or alcohol. Although addiction interventions are generally successful, unfortunately not all of them are. 

Many addiction interventions happen in an inner circle with only close friends and family members. In some cases, it could be a one on one conversation between a concerned friend or family member and an addicted person. 

A close-circle intervention is awesome, but when this fails, a group intervention becomes the next approach. This time, it’s best to have an intervention specialist invited to direct the conversation.

How to Plan a Drug Addiction Intervention

A drug addiction intervention is a conversation that requires adequate planning. Every detail should be planned, including when to hold one, the meeting place, questions to ask, and the attendees.

It is a lot to take in but don’t get overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do. Here are a few easy steps to guide you. 

  • Use an Intervention Specialist 

You’re better off not winging it on your own. You can have an intervention without a specialist, but it’ll have a higher chance of success if the addict knows he is addicted. If they are in denial, you’ll need the help of a specialist to break through that denial. 

An intervention specialist is also better equipped to handle the discussion if it goes off-script. 

  • Create an Intervention Group 

The next step is to decide who gets to be a part of the drug addiction intervention. It’s best to choose people who have a close relationship with the addicted person. 

If there is someone they listen to or care about, you should consider bringing them in. 

  • Practice 

In this stage, the intervention specialist holds a meeting without the addicted person to educate everyone on the appropriate things to say. There might even be a mock intervention to see how everyone does. 

  • Plan a Location and Time 

Something as small as the location could negatively affect your goal of getting your loved one into addiction treatment. So, it’s best to choose a place where the addict associates with peace and good memories. You want them to be comfortable and relaxed. 

  • Keep an Open Mind 

We are not saying you shouldn’t have expectations but keep your mind open. Anything could happen. The addict may immediately accept that they need help or they might not. Be prepared to take necessary steps to protect yourself if they get agitated.

  • Make Follow Up Plans 

It is one thing for the addicted person to decide to get treatment at the moment and another for them to follow through with it. But here is what works – teaming up with them to make follow up plans. If you can even have treatment set up for them beforehand and take them there right after the intervention, that would be great.

The road to recovery for every addict is difficult, but a community of loved ones helping them along is reassurance. So, make follow up plans to help them get treatment. 

Plan a Drug Addiction Intervention With the Help of Revive Interventions

Revive Interventions is a boutique intervention service. We are dedicated to helping people get their loved ones into addiction treatment via a drug addiction intervention. Our main goal is to help family and friends heal from the grips of addiction. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you plan an intervention! 

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