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Is There an Opioid Epidemic in New York?

Most folks have heard of or taken some form of opioid at some point. Opioids are the most widely prescribed drugs in the United States and many people use them on a daily basis. Unfortunately, in many cases, the availability of opioids lends itself to addiction. This is combined with the already addictive nature of opioids. In this post, we’re going to take a look at what an opioid is, whether there’s an opioid epidemic in New York, and how to get help for someone with opioid addiction. 

What Are Opioids? 

An opioid is a type of drug that is most commonly derived from the poppy plant. The most common type of opioids are prescription pain medications.  Prescription opioids come in various forms, including tablets that are swallowed, syrups, or liquids taken through a straw and injected under the skin. 

The way opioids interact with the body makes them highly addictive. They bind to opioid receptors throughout the body and brain, which alters how a person perceives pain.  This leads to opioids being highly addictive because they can have both psychological (the presence of pleasure) and physical effects.

They are also known to produce a euphoric effect on users that many who become addicted seem to enjoy. One of the problems with opioid use is that addiction can be unintentional in many cases. A person may be prescribed medication to treat pain or other conditions and gradually become addicted over time. 

They then begin to require more and more of the drug to acquire the same effect. This leads to those addicted persons seeking alternate means to get opioids. In some cases, they may switch to the illegal drug heroin, which is also an opioid and very powerful. 

Is There an Opioid Epidemic in New York? 

Opioid addiction is prevalent in New York City due to the abundance of opioid prescriptions. The high rates of availability combined with their addictive nature have led many individuals across all demographics into substance abuse disorder associated with opioid use.

Not only that, the availability of international trade by air, land, and sea means that there is a steady stream of opioids coming into the United States from international sources and flowing through New York City.

The opioid epidemic is a complex problem that requires an equally multifaceted approach to solve; one component of which must be education on what opioids are, how they affect our brains and their addictive potential. The more we know about a subject like this, then the better-equipped each of us will be in combating it. 

How to Get Someone Help if They Are Struggling With an Opioid Addiction

The first step to getting someone help with an opioid addiction is recognizing the signs of the addiction. Once those signs have been identified, the next step is to educate them about opioid addiction and their options. This can be a tricky situation to be in as some people don’t recognize their addiction or may be unwilling to get the help they need. 

In cases where a person you know resists getting treatment, it may be necessary to stage an intervention. An intervention is used to convince a person that their addiction is harming them and their loved ones and that there are consequences to their addiction. 

Once the person has decided to get help, then it’s time to seek out an addiction treatment facility to help them get on the path to sobriety. 

Let Revive Interventions Help With Your Opioid Addiction Needs 

Often it is difficult for a person to admit they need help with their opioid addiction. Staging an intervention yourself can be an intimidating task as well. That’s why we provide expert intervention assistance including professionals who can help set up and stage an intervention. 

We’ll help you through the entire process and once the intervention is complete, we can help find the treatment options that will fit each individual’s needs. If you know someone with opioid addiction, call Revive Interventions today to get started getting them the help they need.

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