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Planning an Intervention in New York for Your Loved One

Drug and alcohol interventions are not always easy to plan. New York is a big state that has many cities with different cultures, lifestyles, and ways of thinking when it comes to addiction. 

Added to that, each individual case is unique and that means that each situation has to be handled differently. Planning an intervention in New York may be tricky, but with the right care and planning, it can be done successfully and lead someone suffering from addiction to get the help they need. 

The first step in planning an intervention for someone you love who is addicted to drugs or alcohol is deciding whether or not they need one. To do that, it helps to first understand the nature of that person’s addiction, the signs and symptoms, and whether or not they have tried to get help before. 

Once you understand those things, it helps to know what an intervention is and how it works so that you maximize the chances of getting them the help they need. 

What Is a Drug and Alcohol Intervention?

An intervention is a planned meeting with family and friends to confront the person addicted to drugs or alcohol about their addiction. The goal of an intervention is usually for the person suffering from addiction’s loved ones, who are not in recovery themselves, to convince them that they need help before it becomes too late. 

The form the intervention takes will vary depending on the individual needs of the family and friends of the person suffering from addiction, as well as their own situation. 

Planning an intervention generally involves finding a setting that makes everyone feel safe, secure, and comfortable.  A family member may suggest a neutral location like the living room of their home or their office conference room. 

The intervention must be well-planned in order to work as intended. Prepare for possible outcomes and contingencies before beginning the process by: meeting with your loved one separately, developing an overall strategy, writing down exactly what you want to say during the session, preparing comments and reasons why you want your loved one to seek help 

It is important for an intervention to be full of care and support and not used as a means to attack the person dealing with addiction. This is done by making them feel safe and reminding them of what they mean to their family and loved ones. 

In some cases friends and relatives might not know how much time they have left with this person if he/she doesn’t seek help soon enough. It becomes imperative that something is done immediately while there’s still opportunity. However these are difficult choices because sometimes when someone finally agrees to seek help, they might leave the family or loved ones behind. 

Can I Plan an Intervention in New York for My Loved One?

You certainly can plan an intervention in New York just the same as anywhere else. How you do this will be determined by your own unique situation. An intervention in New York can take any number of forms and you have the option of planning one yourself or getting help from professionals, like those here at Revive Interventions

Having a professional help you plan and execute the intervention can take much of the worry and stress off your shoulders. Not only that, but an intervention expert can help you plan what to say to your loved one and how to best to motivate them to get the help they need. 

At Revive Interventions we specialize in not only helping you with your intervention needs but also in helping you find the right treatment options and support programs for your loved ones once they are ready to get the help they need. 

If you have a loved one that is suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol, contact us today to see how we can help you to help them.  

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